Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fashion is a state of mind

The other day as I was preparing for a presentation to a potential set of clients on what fashion means to me and the rising importance of couture, I realised that I didnt have to put in too much effort. It came quite naturally to me. I may not sound modest when I say that, but the fact remains that I have had a connection with fashion for a long time now and for various reasons.
I was never very content with the collections boutiques had to offer me for a dress. I preferred designing my own. Turns out I knew what I was doing.
There is nothing as powerful as being well dressed. Fashion is a form of expression of one's identity. The image of a well dressed individual, secure with his outer skin and identity is very powerful. So ladies and gentlemen do not underestimate the power of dressing well.
Fashion is a state of mind...it can be fleeting. Your state of mind reflects your outer identity.
Contrary to popular belief; Fashion can be very comfortable. You have to follow your heart and personality, not blind trends!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Time to Pull 'down' your sleeves!

I confess that, with the weather turning a bit chilly, I've been feeling the pull toward long-sleeved dresses. They are my new found favorites. I love how they have that old world vintage charm.
I think the key to these dresses is making sure you have the right bodice fit, as well as fabric choice.
Colours and prints play a vital role too. Greys, Blacks, Blues are used for formal wear. But go ahead and experiment with pastel colours for a brunch, bright yellows and pinks for an event and also floral prints! 

The internet is a grand thing, no question about it. I mean, how else would we find these timeless creations.

Simple. Sophisticated. Elegant 
That is Victoria Beckham for you.

Flower Power. Love 
An Alannah Hill creation

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Divine Invention

Wispy fabrics and plum colors make for breathtaking fashion. It epitomizes a divine state of love. Classic old love in today’s times inspires this creation.

Flirty Matter

A tube dress infused with purple satin and blue lace and a modified tutu to give it a coquettish touch.
Say the word "ballerina" and most people will picture her in a tutu. Ballerinas are beautiful, delicate and yet strong which is probably why I have been so intrigued by them. The Ballet, their outfits and the perfection that is strived for – all beautiful aspects.


Images of Cleopatra, Audrey Hepburn, black and white pictures from the past, have been running round in my head. The Vintage era was a time of transition and this outfit captures it all for me. It is something I’d want to treasure and keep in that chest for generations to come.

Little Wing

The Little Black Dress (courtesyGabrielle Coco Chanel) – Reinvented with quirky net. A staple for every season. I had an image of a dainty black dress, simple and sweet. It had to exude beauty both sensual and visual. And so the Little Wing was born.

Afternoon Delight

Cocktails are just for after dark but a cocktail-style sheath works its magic for the earlier hours. Another design inspired by the derby which has always been more than just bets and races. Here’s your ticket to the fashion playground.